A Woman Owned Business Enterprise


Equal Opportunity Employer

CCSI is a woman owned, Staffing and Recruiting firm with a team of Technological Staffing Specialists using on-line technology and having a strong interest in executive search, Temporary Staffing, management selection and industry specific recruiting. We maintain a computerized database of thousands of current openings and many thousands of available candidates.

CCSI has provided its services to numerous employer clients from varying industries requiring search and recruiting expertise at highly varied experience levels and functional specialties. Those specialties today focus on, but are not limited to, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Information Technologies.

CCSI has full capability to conduct on-line computer searches pairing employer job and position notice specifications with the prospective employee population. Our primary and total responsibility is to assure that appropriate personnel and the staffing needs of our client companies are as closely matched as possible.

 Thank you very much for your interest in working with CCSI, Inc!   We are looking forward to showing you why our client base has been growing, year after year!





Recruiting Processes


CCSI Inc. employs various personnel recruitment techniques to locate candidates both locally and nationally. In addition to selected advertising in local media throughout the country CCSI Inc. utilizes industry journals, military tabloids and trade publications.


 CCSI Inc. sponsors Job Fairs around the country. And, as one of our most effective means of building our expansive database, CCSI Inc. recruiters obtain referrals from each applicant we interview.

Screening Process 

Our applicant screening process begins with a thorough examination of the candidate’s education and employment history. Further screening continues during the applicant's interview with a CCSI Inc. recruiter. All pertinent technical and personal data is then input into our Database Management System.

 Database Management System

CCSI Inc. manages and operates one of the most extensive Database Management Systems in our industry. The structure and software development has been care­fully tailored to meet the ever‑changing demands of our clientele. As technologi­cal advances are made, CCSI Inc. will continue to be at the forefront of this most important aspect of our industry.


Employees contracted through CCSI Inc. are available immediately or generally within 48 hours of confirmation.

 Employment Eligibility Verification

CCSI Inc. certifies that its hiring practices are in accordance with the regulation set forth by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.


Company Policies & Terms

Guarantee of Performance

All CCSI Inc. employees are assigned to the client guaranteed to perform their tasks. No

Charges will be made for employee service if termination is necessary within three days of assignment.


CCSI Inc. guarantees patent protection to all clients.


 To offer optimum flexibility to our clients, all CCSI Inc. contract personnel adhere to the client’s regulatory policies and practices during the effective period of an assignment.


 CCSI Inc. maintains time cards for a period of 7 years. We guarantee the client, and any designated government agency, the right to audit applicable time cards.


CCSI Inc. strictly adheres to the regulations of all government agencies. In keeping with the spirit and the letter of these laws, CCSI Inc. withholds and pays all FICA, federal, state and local taxes. Payments for Worker's Compensation and other insurance are accrued and paid in a timely manner. 


CCSI, Inc. maintains insurance covering with the policy limits as demonstrated on the enclosed declaration sheet.

 Invoicing Terms

CCSI Inc. issues an invoice to the client on a weekly basis, for services rendered that week. To support our weekly invoicing system, Cost, INC. will provide time slips signed by an authorized client representative verifying the hours worked for that week. Payment of invoice is due upon receipt.

Company Policies & Terms

 Straight Time

 Straight time billing rates are based on a work week of 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week.


Overtime billing rates apply to hours worked in excess of 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week, in accordance with the client's policies and applicable state/fed­eral regulations. In the event of a holiday, overtime shall be deemed as hours worked in excess of 40 hours less the holiday, unless otherwise specified by the client.


The client retains the right to terminate any employee of CCSI Inc. on assignment at the client's facility at anytime. At the client's option, CCSI Inc. will replace the terminated employee as soon as possible.

Equal Opportunity

 CCSI Inc. represents that it has participated in previous contracts or subcontracts, subject to the Equal Opportunity Employment regulations with regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, or the clause originally contained in the Executive Order 11246, as amended. This includes Section 503 of the Rehabilita­tion Act of 1973 for the handicapped, and section 402 of the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 and that CCSI inc. has filed requiring com­pliance reports.

Providing Technical Employees for the Following Disciplines

Software Engineering, Programmers & Development


Applications Development

Artificial Intelligence

Automatic Test Equipment


Compiler Development

Data Acquisition

Database Systems


Educational Software



Hardware Design

Image Processing


Medical Systems

Network Developments

Operating Systems

Pattern Recognition

Process Control

Radar Systems

Realtime Systems


Scientific Programming

Signal Processing




Training/Course Development

Transaction Processing

User Interface

Vision Systems

Voice Messaging

Windows Development

Information Systems



Applications Development


Database Administration & Design

Desktop Publishing



Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Main

Facilities Management

Financial Management

Hardware Evaluation


Inventory Control

Network Configuration

Office Automation

Order Processing

Performance Tuning

Quality Assurance



Utilities Development


Providing Technical Employees for the Following Disciplines 

Product Engineering


CAE (All Systems)

CAM (All Systems)


Engineering Test

Engineers – All Disciplines



Production Controllers

Technical Writers


Product Design

CAD (All Systems)




Design Engineers


E.C.O Coordinators

Layout Draftpersons


Technical Illustrators

Industrial Engineering, Design and Drafting

Architectural – Renderers

CAD (All Systems)

CAE (All Systems)

CAM (All Systems)





Specification Writers




The Payroll Service Plan




CCSI, INC. offers a special Payroll Service Plan for your company. The plan provides for a flexible and effective method of handling personnel when permanent assignments are not available. The Payroll Service Plan can be used to hire temporary contractors (any individual assigned to the plan is called a “Payrollee”, previous employees, relatives, students, consultants, or retirees at a lower cost without the risk of co‑employment litigation.


Purpose Of The Payroll service Plan


The Payroll Service Plan provides an economical risk free method of utilizing personnel with known capabilities, who for one reason of another will not be hired as permanent staff at this time.


How The Plan Functions


1.  Your company's management (Management) establishes a need for personnel in a specific field of work on a temporary basis.


2.  Management contacts the potential Payrollee. The payrollees may be:

  • Consultants

  • 1099 Employees

  • Former employees who were laid off

  • Retirees

  • Individuals recommended by your company's employees

  • Specialists well known in the industry

  • Individuals recommended by someone outside your company

  • College students

3.  Management contacts the individual and explains the work effort, pay, hours of work, duration of assignment, and any other pertinent information


4.  Upon acceptance of a payrollee, management forwards a requisition to CCSI, INC. Requisitions must contain:

  • Payrollee name

  • Payrollee address and phone number

  • Approved Straight Time Direct Labor Rate

  • Job Classification/Title

  • Start Date

5.  Upon CCSI, INC. receipt of a requisition, CCSI, INC. initiates an employee sign‑up package, the package contains:

  • Comprehensive information on insurance benefits (health, dental, life)

  • Pre-Employment Qualification Form

  • Employment Agreement (clearly stating CCSI Inc as the employer)

  • W4 Form

  • Timecards

  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form

  • OSHA Right to know "Information"

  • Copyright/Patent Agreement

6.      Sexual Harassment Policy


7.      Upon completion of an employee sign‑up package the individual is now an employee of CCSI, INC and covered under the Payroll Service Plan, a payrollee assigned to your company and serving under your direct supervision.


8.      The payrollee is responsible for maintaining a weekly timecard to be reviewed and approved by a supervisor and then promptly delivered to CCSI, INC.


9.      The payrollees paycheck comes directly from CCSI, INC. CCSI, INC. assumes responsibility for all payroll records' mandated payroll taxes, worker's compensation, unemployment and associated administrative costs as well as maintaining responsibility for all other employment obligations.


10. The payrollee will be paid hourly at the agreed upon rate and will be paid overtime in accordance with Federal and state laws.


11. 1f the payrollee is unable to perform to his/her job specification, he/she can be immediately terminated upon request to CCSI, INC.


Advantages of The Payroll service Plan

  • Elimination of unemployment costs

  • Elimination of costs for employee benefits

  • Allows for rapidly hiring indefinite term employees

  • Allows for rapidly hiring part-time employees

  • Allows for your company to control project-based costs

  • Allows for simplified termination

  • Allows for payment of HOURS ACTUALLY WORKED

  • Reduction of overhead costs

Advantages Of The Payroll Service Plan TO The Payrollee


1.  Maximum discretionary income

2.  Insurance Benefits (health, dental and life)

3.  An Indefinite assignment which matches the desire and capability of the employee.

4.  Minimal paperwork

5.  Weekly paychecks

6.  Preparation of annual W‑2 statements



Benefits Of The Payroll service Plan To Your Company


The Payroll Service Plan allows your company more flexibility in hiring and eliminates co‑employment liabilities. The most important benefit is the reduction of unemployment costs, worker's compensation claims, administration, and termination expenses.


Additionally, companies using consultants working under your supervision run the risk of being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. If the IRS reclassifies consultants as employees, your company could be held liable for all unpaid benefits. CCSI, INC. does not permit the use of consultants or 1099's. All federal and state employment laws are complied with.


The Payroll Service Plan can greatly benefit your company during peak loads or crunching project schedules. Considering the present day inflationary trends it is necessary for your company to utilize every possible cost saving method. Employment costs represent a sizable portion of the costs of your company's operation. CCSI, INC.’s Payroll Service Plan will offer a reduction in the over‑all costs of your temporary staffing program.




The Payroll Service Plan is a cost effective and simple process for handling unique employment situations, particularly when the terms of employment are difficult to identify.


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